The Tool You’ll Wish You Had Years Ago!

Example of The Step Doctor Being Used

The Step Doctor is completely “green”.

The Step Doctor is a one of a kind, patent pending tool used for installing treads and risers. It has a few moving parts and is nearly indestructible. Unlike other stair tools that bend and distort, the Step Doctor will always keep its shape, therefore always giving you the Perfect Cut.


The Step Doctor is made of a high strength ABS plastic used in the automotive industry that will not break, warp or distort. It is 11″ wide and extends from 30″ to 48″ long to fit most any size step. We also offer a Step Doctor for steps up to 60″.


By being so simple and efficient, the Step Doctor will save you installation time and keeps you from making costly mistakes when cutting treads and risers. As you know, treads and risers are very expensive, so anything you can do to keep from making cutting errors is money in your pocket. The design is so easy and exact; it can be used by both the handyman and professionals!


Plus, did you know the Step Doctor is 100% environmentally friendly? That’s right. We believe in doing our part to help the environment, which is why this product is completely “green”.